Bootstrap 4 on Wordpress is a blank
Bootstrap and SEO ready Wordpress theme.
Bootstrap version: 4.3.1

Created for developers, for fast development. A blank ready to go theme, where you just can start building with bootstrap.

Ready to go

The "Bootstrap 4 on Wordpress" theme is developed for developers to start building there bootstrap sites from scratch. You can plug and play, install the theme and start building your bootstrap sites. The only thing extra included is the latest bootstrap version and a bootstrap nav walker.

As clean as can be

The "Bootstrap 4 on Wordpress" theme is based upon the Starkers naked Wordpress theme, striped form some content and made ready for bootstrap. html5 support is added and the admin area is clean up from Wordpress stuff
(text in footer wp logo at top and wp version in head).

Getting started & docs

On the getting started page, you will find a guide how to install the wordpress theme and a overview of the files that are included. In the Docs area you will find help with building your navs and navbars, snippets included. Also you will find here other snippets and examples how to extend this theme.